This is the beginning of IACDL's efforts to assist the criminal defense community as they adjust to the new "normal" in the Illinois justice system. 

This page will be updated regularly - this is the beginning of the set of resources we are gathering for you. 

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illinois supreme court rulings re: covid-19
Illinois Courts 
1) Illinois Courts Statewide County COVID-19 Information
The Illinois Courts website is providing an easy to navigate list for all counties throughout Illinois that have released Administrative Orders in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The page is easy to navigate and allows you to sort by circuit and by release date. 
2) Illinois Supreme Court Orders and Announcements
Practitioners can stay apprised of the latest COVID-19 Orders from the Supreme Court of Illinois by utilizing this link. 
3.) The Circuit Court of Cook County Website: The Circuit Court of Cook County Website home page includes links to all of Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans' orders regarding Covid-19 for all divisions, including the Criminal Division. 
4.) Governor's Executive Orders 
Cook County Courts
1) Circuit Court of Cook County Administrative Orders 
This page links you the Administrative Orders that have been released by the Honorable Timothy C. Evans, Chief of the Circuit Court of Cook County.  

2) The Circuit Court of Cook County Website: 

The Circuit Court of Cook County Website home page includes links to all of Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans' orders regarding Covid-19 for all divisions, including the Criminal Division.
Executive Clemency:
1) Executive Clemency (Governor's Pardon) in Illinois
Many attorneys throughout Illinois are utilizing Executive Clemency in order to have clients released during the COVID-19 Pandemic. JB Pritzker has been responsive to utilizing this form of relief and has already exercised this executive power to release inmates and grant them clemency during the COVID-19 Crisis.

2) Governor's Executive Orders 


Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order suspending admissions to DHS facilities, thereby stopping the transfer of unfit or NGRI clients for treatment.

Illinois Department of Corrections: 
1) Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) Covid-19 Resources page: 
The information provided by IDOC on this page provides transparency to the public regarding active cases as well as recovered inmates and staff with the department of corrections. The information can be utilized by attorneys as a resource for clients, their families, and also for motions, petitions for early release, and executive clemency. 
2) Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) Form for Expedited Review for Early Release:
This form can be submitted on behalf of clients who are seeking expedited release. There are many ideal candidates for early release but IDOC is overloaded with reviews. This form may help a client's request get to the top of the stack. IDOC prioritizes early release for non-violent and first-time offenders who are currently under sentence. 
3) Illinois Department of Corrections COVID-19 Support Line: 
IDOC has established a support line for COVID-19 questions. The call center is open Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM CST. 217-558-2200, EXT 7700. Inquiries can also be emailed to
4) Illinois Department of Corrections Health Information Release Forms For Attorneys
HIPAA creates a barrier for attorneys seeking protected medical information. These forms are available and can be sent to clients who are incarcerated in IDOC so that his or her advocate can receive protected information. IDOC requires a separate release be signed for mental health and substance abuse records. For currently incarcerated clients, IACDL recommends sending the following: three (3) copies of each form, a pre-stamped return envelope for your firm, and a letter to the client explaining the forms and requesting that one of the copies be submitted by the inmate to their assigned counselor. Upon receipt of the release(s), submit to the institution from which you are seeking information. 
5) Illinois Department of Corrections List of Facilities and Contact Information
This link contains a list of all of the correctional institutions throughout Illinois. There is a link for each institution that includes relevant information about the respective institution, including contact information. 
Cook County Department of Corrections:

1) Cook County Department of Corrections Attorney Virtual Visit Form 
Online form for requesting virtual contact with clients who are incarcerated in CCDOC. Attorneys can setup Zoom, Skype, or Telephone calls with clients. 
2) Cook County Department of Corrections Secure Attorney-Client Calls
While CCDOC is offering the opportunity to set-up Zoom and Skype calls, it is not in a position to guarantee the security of those calls. As an alternative to the above online option, attorneys may submit the "Request for Attorney-Client Privileged Telephone Calls. 
3) Cook County Department of Corrections COVID-19 Cases in CCDOC


covid-19 sample motions


Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order suspending admissions to DHS facilities, thereby stopping the transfer of unfit or NGRI clients for treatment.

Motion to Set Bond Pursuant to the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act 

Motion to Reduce Bond (Covid-19) 

Memorandum of Law in Support of Minor's Motion to Release from JTDC

Motion to Amend Conditions of Bond for Removal of Electronic Home Monitoring (Traffic)


Basic Speedy Trial Motion 

This motion challenges the Illinois Supreme Court's suspension of speedy trial rights. It is a basic form motion that can be added to or utilized in full or as a jumping off point to do further research on the subject or utilized with your client's specific facts. 

IACDL Speedy Trial Motion


Detailed Speedy Trial Brief

This motion was written by attorney John D. Stobbs who practices in Southern Illinois. It is an incredibly detailed, thoughtful brief outlining our country's history as it relates to other scenarios where constitutional guarantees have been eroded, with society only later realizing the error. It discusses the law extensively and provides sound legal arguments for the impropriety of suspension of speedy trial rights, as well as the extent of the Illinois Supreme Court's authority. The brief was filed in April 2020 and some of the issues raised are outdated, but it is a fantastic resource for practitioners seeking to challenge speedy trial rights.

IACDL Speedy Trial Brief