Founding Members

The IACJ/ IACDL was founded in 1986 by these esteemed members.

Founding Board Members

  • Isaiah Gant

Bio: 'Isaiah -Skip- Gant - Talent and Craft' by Randolph Stone

  • Theodore A. Gottfried

Bio: 'Theodore A. Gottfried' by Michael J. Pelletier

  • W. Jameson Kunz

Bio: 'W. Jameson Kunz - Giving Voice to the Future' by Patrick Hughes

  • Dennis M. Kleper

Bio: 'Dennis Kleper - Paving the Way' by Patrick Reardon

  • Melvin B. Lewis

Bio: 'Melvin B. Lewis – A Life Well Lived' by Marshall Hartman

  • Andrea D. Lyon

Bio: 'Andrea Lyon - Hope’s Warrior' by Mike Morrissey

  • Michael Metnick

Bio: 'Michael Metnick - Lighting the Path' by Scott Sabin

  • Patrick A. Tuite

Bio: 'Patrick A. Tuite - Beloved & Respected' by Edward M. Genson


Past Presidents

  • Patrick A. Tuite
  • Michael Metnick
  • Michael D. Monico
  • W. Jameson Kunz
  • Richard Parsons
  • Jed Stone
  • Richard E. White
  • Edwin A. Burnette
  • Julie Aimen
  • Jack Rimland
  • Andrea D. Lyon
  • D. Peter Wise
  • Carol A. Brook
  • William P. Wolf
  • John O’Gara
  • Charles Beach